Peter “Minion” Gonzales



Peter Anthony Gonzales was born into an Air Force family on September 11, 1970 at Wilford Hall hospital. During those earliest years of his life his older brother introduced him to reruns of the original Star Trek and Space 1999 and young Peter developed a love Godzilla movies and dinosaurs that continues till this day.

Shortly after finishing kindergarten young Peter saw the cover of a magazine for a new movie called Star Wars which would influence him for the rest of his life. However he wouldn’t get to see the movie for another year seeing how his father had orders for Clark Air Force base in the Philippines. After returning from overseas and finally watching Star Wars and beginning a love of getting Star Wars figures, Peter’s family was stationed at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas where he would live for the next six years. He described living in Del Rio as similar to Tatooine and seeing why Luke wanted to leave. As a result of his love of Star Wars, he grew to love comic books, collecting, action figures and dressing up for Halloween, habits he has till this day. 

His family moved back to San Antonio when he was 14 and graduating from McCollum in 1989 and started classes at Palo Alto College soon after. After attending the first Star Wars Celebration in 1999 Peter wanted to bring the communal experience back home and he formed the Star Wars Society of San Antonio, SWSSA, a club for fans by fans. He has also cosplayed as Han Solo and can always be spotted at conventions with his mini Chewie in his pocket. He met his wife to be in SWSSA when she was studying at University of Incarnate Word as a student from Mexico. As a result of collecting action figures and placing them in his mother’s Christmas villages, he started Action Figure Theater, a Facebook club/comic strip  where everybody from Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Marvel and DC mingle at a bar. For awhile, Peter worked did ghost tours and investigations in the Alamo City. 

Aside from being a member of SWSSA, he is also a member of the super hero cosplay club, Heroes With A Heart where he cosplays as World War II Captain America.  Occasionally he still cosplays as Indiana Jones and wears his trademark Indy fedora. Peter was approached by Dave Gremilon to be a guest on Get Your Geek On in 2016 and soon became part of the crew where he brings insight, witty commentary and helps to expand the show. 

Peter currently works for San Antonio Independent School District as a teacher aide and security for the AT&T Center.


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