Bryan “Goose” Downs



Bryan Downs, aka Goose, is the producer/sound prognosicater/comic book geek on Get Your Geek On.

Goose’s journey into geekdom began at early when he saw his first episode of Super Friends.  From there, Goose couldn’t get enough.  From The Greatest American Hero to Knight Rider to the animated classics of Transformers and Thundercats, Goose loved it all.  Then, in 1987, one show allowed Goose to fully embrace the geek within.  When Star Trek: The Next Generation first aired, there was no turning back.  Goose was hooked and loved the next 18 years of at least one new season of Star Trek every fall.

Goose has also been a comic book geek since he was a kid.  His dad bought Goose his first comic, Superman Vol 2 #33, and Goose, with the help of his uncle, took it from there.  Today, Goose can still be found devouring the most recent adventures of his favorite heroes on a weekly basis.

Goose can also be heard on The RV Show USA and hosting the evening ministries on AM 630 The Word weeknights beginning at 7pm CT.


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