If you’re reading this, chances are you call yourself a “geek”.

But some might scoff at the word. “Geek” is a word to describe those who have pocket protectors, play Dungeons and Dragons in their mom’s basement, and have never gotten past “first base”.

That’s no longer the truth. Geek is not what is was 20-30 years ago. Geek is in. Geek is VERY in. Have you seen a Star Wars, DC, Marvel, or Star Trek movie in the past decade? Congrats, you’re a geek. 

Geeks are all over the planet. They travel enormous distances to attend comic cons with millions of other geeks. They geek out with their children, their friends, and even their grandparents. They get their geek on in cafes, movie theaters, public parks, and museums.



Not convinced that the Geeks have inherited the Earth?

  • The Marvel Movie Franchise has made $11.5 billion at the box office in less than a decade.
  • Eight out of the top ten highest grossing movies of all time (globally, not adjusted for inflation) are “geeky” movies.
  • Disney reported they earned $57 billion in revenue in 2016 alone thanks (in part) to Star Wars and Marvel.
  • In 2016, DC merchandise racked up $4.5 billion for Time Warner.

Over 200 million Americans listen to talk radio. We have shows for sports, shows for politics, shows for gardening, how to manage your 401k, and how to change the oil in your car. But where are the shows for us? Where is a talk radio show that interviews Kathleen Kennedy, Mark Hamill, the Russo brothers, Christopher Nolan, and others? Where is a talk radio show that breaks down the new movies while reminding us about the classics?

You found it right here.

Our mission is to be the premier talk radio show for anyone out there who owns a geeky shirt, who can’t wait for the next Star Wars movie, or someone who is a total eSports fanatic. We will cover comic cons, talk to those in the geeky industry, and bring the hottest news and opinion to the airwaves.

Welcome to Get Your Geek On talk radio currently on 930 AM KLUP “The Answer” in San Antonio.


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